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Transform your family's
connection and confidence.

The worlds best coaching app for kids 8 to 18. With weekly sessions, online courses, parent workshops and more, you can now access transformational coaching anytime, anywhere!

Is Unstoppable U for your family?

If you have a student from the age of 8-18 who is close-minded to hear from mom and dad about goals, motivation, discipline, habits, confidence, self talk, procrastination and all that good stuff, Unstoppable U for Families is for you! Ideal students fall into one of these three categories:  1) Stuck & Struggling 2) Stressed & Skating By, 3) Thriving & Ready for More

Stuck & Struggling

Is your student stuck and struggling with motivation and/or confidence and it doesn't matter what you say, you can't get them to take action? Unstoppable U will empower and encourage them to take that first step.

Thriving & Ready for More

Is your student thriving and ready to be pushed outside of school and sports? Are you ready to see them step into their potential you know they have? Unstoppable U will give them that extra push to expand their comfort zone.

Is your child seeing decent results but struggling to manage stress? Do they have a ton on their plate, but lack the right tools to sort through their emotions? Unstoppable U will help develop emotional intelligence that will create lasting impact. 

Stressed & Skating By

The place your child feels seen, heard, loved and understood while learning science-backed success principles that lead to confidence and purpose.

Coach Will's Unstoppable U!

Unstoppable U is a family membership that delivers and coaches transformational success principles to tweens and teens in a highly engaging and interactive way!

With an Unstoppable U app, weekly group coaching sessions, online videos, and relatable memes, Will makes personal growth fun for kids. Whether it's deep dives on confidence, time management, motivation, discipline, screen-time, mindset, or habits, Unstoppable U teaches your kids everything they need to know to become UNSTOPPABLE in life!


Unstoppable U Student

"My mom made me do another group coaching that I hated, cause the coach was boring. I like this one 100x better."

Why Will's LIVE sessions work:

 Coaching has been transformational for so many families for many reasons. Here are a few of the main ones:

Students feel safe and validated.

Students are completely anonymous in sessions and do not show their cameras or names. With that said, Will ensures they feel validated in their struggles by calling out common messages in the chat that only he can see.

Supplemental Resources

Coaching sessions are supplemented with Will's daily posts on the community feed as well as weekly videos to supplement what everything your child is learning in the sessions!

Will's energy is contagious!

As one student said, "I would rate group coaching a 10 out of 10! I love the energy that coach Will brings and the way he gets people to engage with him!" That came from a teenager... cool, right?

phone mockup_edited.png

What Topics do we cover?

Every 2 months students will dive into a NEW Unstoppable U topic that will guide them through new success principles to improve their life! Below are a few of the upcoming series and a quick description about them!


During this series,  your child will radiate self-assurance, tackle obstacles head-on, and embrace their unique abilities with unwavering belief.


During this series, your child will set ambitious goals, find more inner drive, and have a healthy definition of success to strive for. 

Self Talk

During this series, your child will increase awareness, work through self-doubt and cultivate a positive inner dialogue to help them crush their goals.


During this series, your child will improve their procrastination habits, develop effective time management skills, focus with clarity and transform their productivity.


During this series, your child will discover explore their passions, align their actions with meaningful goals, and embark on a purpose-driven journey that gives their adolescence direction and fulfillment.

Social Life

During this series, your child will learn tools to flourish in their relationships, stay out of the typical teenage drama, and learn to stop worrying about what others think of them.

Not Ready for Family Coaching?

Start with the parenting community and build your child's interest over the months!

Ian Rasmussen, Awesome Dad

"The biggest result is his level of confidence. He's exploring who he is as a person and allowing his personality to come up. He is far more open to sharing thoughts, feelings, successes etc. with us."

What's Included in Unstoppable U for Families?

You and your child will receive your very own login to Will's mobile app that desktop site that includes weekly student sessions, a comprehensive library of videos, worksheets, workshops, courses and more to equip the entire family with the tools to succeed.

Weekly LIVE Sessions

Your child is invited to Will's LIVE group coaching sessions! There are 5 time slots to choose from to allow your family to work around your busy schedule! Not sure if you can make it? Check out what a typical week looks like here.


Group Coaching Series

Every 5-7 weeks, Will will introduce a new group coaching series with topics ranging from confidence, self talk, making new friends, goal setting, time management, screen time boundaries, and more!


Student Challenges

Your child will be inspired to take part in daily, weekly and monthly challenges! From habits and routines, to screen time boundaries, to stepping outside their comfort zones, challenges are the ideal way to get students taking ACTION on the principles they're learning.


Gamification & Gift Cards

Who isn't motivated by Starbucks, Amazon and Target gift cards? I know I am! Unstoppable U keeps personal growth FUN for kids! Will's games and challenges give students plenty of opportunities to reward their hard work with a gift card to their favorite store!


Daily Posts from Will

From daily encouragement to memes and GIFs, Will's daily posts not only keep coaching relatable and fun, but empowers students to crush their goals and take action!



Biweekly Parent Workshops

You will receive biweekly parent-focused workshops that will teach you how to best support your tween/teen through the ups and downs of life. These sessions will supplement everything your child is learning in their sessions!


Parenting Forums

Unstoppable U is a safe space where parents can get access to the help they need most. Whether you need to ask a question, chat with other parents or find resources on a specific challenge you’re facing with your teen, we’re here for you. 


Exclusive Podcast Episodes

Unstoppable U members get exclusive access to additional podcast episodes! From additional life skills that correspond with group coaching, to parent-focused episodes, to expert interviews, you'll receive more than what's released to the public!



Access to 1:1 Coaching Calls

Will's 1:1 coaching waitlist is over 1000 families long! Unstoppable U students will have first access to Will's 1:1 coaching as well as individualized accountability. These personalized calls are perfect in tandem with group sessions and everything Unstoppable U!



Will's Parenting Courses

On top of your biweekly sessions, you will have access to Will's parenting course, Positive Parenting! From helping you understand your child's heart, to supporting them and their goals, to practical tips and tools, this course will give you the tools to become the parent you want to be. 


Group Coaching Student

"I would rate group coaching a 9 out of 10! I love the energy that coach will bring and the way he gets people to engage with him! Group coaching has given me insight on how to improve my confidence."

Satisfaction Guarantee!


Unstoppable U has the power to change your child's life forever. If after 15 days you don’t feel it’s the right fit, we’ll issue you a full refund. That's how much we believe in our product and coaching!

Unstoppable U for Parents

$19.99 / month

✅ Biweekly parenting workshops
✅ Parenting community and forums
✅ LIVE parent Q&A's
✅ Exclusive livestreams for parents
✅ Parent video library and courses
❌ Weekly student sessions
❌ Student courses and videos
❌ Student posts & accountability

15-day money back guarantee

Unstoppable U for Families

$97 / month

✅ Biweekly parenting workshops
✅ Parenting community and forums
✅ LIVE parent Q&A's
✅ Exclusive livestreams for parents
✅ Parent video library and courses
✅ Weekly student sessions
✅ Student courses and videos
✅ Student posts & accountability

15-day money back guarantee

Questions about Unstoppable U?

  • Are the sessions actually LIVE with Coach Will?
    Heck to the yes! It's me LIVE 100% of the time for each and every session!
  • How is coaching different than therapy or counseling?
    Great question! First off, Coach Will is a Certified Professional Life Coach, not a mental health professional, so the approach is quite different. Coaching is more about the future than the past. There’s no rehashing or dredging up difficult memories, unless a student initiates discussion of such situations with Will. Coaching is about meeting people exactly where they are right now, helping them develop a vision and goals for their future, and an action plan with a toolkit to get there! As a 25 year old, Coach Will is extremely relatable to young people and has an uncanny ability to quickly connect and build rapport with tweens and teens. Ultimately, Coach Will’s goal with all of his students is to equip them with a robust toolkit that will help them handle every situation life throws at them. Not just now, but for the rest of their lives. The foundational skills Will coaches on are (largely) not taught in schools, and yet are so necessary for living a successful life, however your child defines that. Coach Will’s students learn how to find their purpose, create a vision for their lives, reverse engineer the process of achieving that vision, and act boldly and confidently, even in the face of fear and uncertainty!
  • How many students will be in each group? Are they all anonymous?
    There will be between 20 and 35 students per session and office hours and they will not be grouped by age – content in all sessions will be accessible, relevant, and appropriate for ages 9-19. Students are 100% anonymous to one another and cannot see each other or interact with anyone except Coach Will on the calls via the Q&A function on Zoom Webinars, which creates a close knit environment between your child and Coach Will. The sessions do not feel crowded or exclusionary in any way. We have gone above and beyond what is required by United States privacy laws to protect your child’s identity and create a welcoming, judgment-free environment, where your child will feel safe, while still receiving truckloads of validation that they’re not alone in their struggles!
  • I think my child will be intimidated and not participate.
    The group calls will primarily be Coach Will talking/teaching/coaching on the topic for each week. Again, students cannot see each other, but Coach Will is constantly reading out comments and questions submitted by students through the Zoom Webinars Q&A feature. The sessions are highly interactive and engaging, while protecting your child’s privacy and anonymity. Again, students can’t see other students at all. The first group coaching cohort has far exceeded our expectations in terms of cohesiveness of the group and participation from each student! As mentioned above, the average student submits a comment or question to Coach Will every 2 minutes of each session! We’ve found that most students are a better fit for group coaching because there’s safety in numbers and questions/comments will not be visible to other students. In a group setting with young people, no one wants to be the first to speak up, or even to ask a hard/potentially embarrassing question. But the anonymous structure of the group coaching program has eliminated this fear, as students don’t know and can’t see one another. They get to submit questions that Coach Will can read out loud to the group, without naming the student who submitted the question. This simple privacy measure has broken down communication barriers that in a traditional setting might take months to break through.
  • Are these sessions anonymous?
    Students in the group sessions will be completely anonymous. They are not able to be on camera or display their names on the weekly Zoom calls. We go to great lengths to protect the identity of all program participants, as the vast majority of them are minors. We know that 95% of kids don't want their peers knowing that they're in the program. So, the group sessions will show Coach Will on camera, live, and students will be able to use the Q&A feature to send him questions, comments, concerns, etc.!
  • What if we miss a session?
    Every session (students and parents) will be recorded and available to you to download 24 hours after each session is held.
  • Why group coaching instead of 1 on 1 coaching?
    There are over 1,000 families on my 1 on 1 waitlist, and I am not currently taking any new students. However, signing up for group coaching catapults you to the top of the waitlist, so there's a much better chance I'd be able to coach your child 1 on 1 in the next 6-24 months! Group coaching is also significantly more affordable than my 1 on 1 coaching.
  • My kid is under 10, can they participate?
    I have tons of experience coaching students younger than tween and teen years, specifically 8 and 9 year olds, and I've seen great success! The majority of them are ready for the coaching I give and the language I speak while about 20% of them are just not quite there with self awareness and maturity levels. Here are 3 big questions I encourage you to think about: Do they have awareness of their thoughts and feelings? Meaning, can they think about what they're thinking about? Do they have a desire to grow and become more confident? Can they pay attention for a 60 minute zoom call? If you answer yes to those questions, group coaching is going to be incredibly helpful for them and will plant amazing seeds for a growth mindset, positive self-talk, confidence, motivation and more!
  • Is there a way to try a session to see if it’s a good fit?
    You can actually have 2 student sessions and one parent session with zero risk, because I offer a money back guarantee for up to the first 15 days of the program.
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